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Mental Health

Feel like yourself again

With our Mental Health program, members are paired with a counselor to engage in regular talk therapy. This talk therapy program helps those who need to process difficult life happenings such as - though not limited to - death of a loved one, identity issues, childhood trauma, or abuse. This program can also be helpful for those coping with a diagnosed mental health condition such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, panic attacks, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Those who are right for this program enjoy better relationships and personal growth. You'll take a deep dive into your core beliefs, overcome negative narratives, and establish better boundaries.

All of our counselors have real-life experience in the work world and are licensed. Our interdisciplinary care team emphasizes the mind-body connection. Physicians oversee our Mental Health program and work with counselors to provide additional support when needed.

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Priority scheduling.

Counselors will facilitate priority access to our providers, including physicians when needed.

Video visits.

Our counselors meet over video to make therapy as convenient as possible.

Paired counselor.

Anyone can call themselves a therapist. Our counselors are professionally trained and have real-life experience that deepens the therapeutic alliance.

Trackable outcomes.

We perform regular assessments when you start and as you go through the program so you can ensure progress.

Our Results

Our talk therapy program delivers results through regular connection with a licensed counselor.

27-55% Decrease in Depression and Anxiety
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"HelloHealth stepped in completely when I was at my lowest and knew I needed help. I was unsure of what I needed they met me where I was with grace and empathy."

Take charge of your health today.

Discover how our personalized, integrated approach can transform your health and delivers results that last.


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