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Hello Health Concept: Personal Health Transformation

Attain a level of personal health mastery that allows you to build a systematic, sustainable health profile.

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Dr. Carmen Mohan introduces the idea of personal health transformation. HelloHealth views health as a leadership strategy. As such, we need to make conscious decisions to make personal health a priority so we can be the best leaders and coworkers we can be. HelloHealth has the tools and strategies needed to transform your health journey into one that is positive, productive, and sustainable.

Listen as Dr. Mohan takes five minutes to break down the ways in which we sabotage our own personal health. The way we are currently approaching our health may be leading to fatigue and burnout. Dr. Mohan explores the ways in which we can change our perspective on personal health and how we can attain a level of personal health mastery that allows us to build a systematic, sustainable health profile. Check out the new HelloHealth Concepts free download available on the HelloHealth website.

Action Steps:

  • Inventory your personal health journey. Where are you in your health transformation?
  • Download the Personal Health Transformation freebie.
  • Focus on one thing to help you kick-start your personal health transformation.

For more information on Dr. Carmen Mohan and HelloHealth’s services or to browse our free downloads, including the Personal Health Transformation resource, visit

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